Sports Massage

The type of sports massage I use is gentle…

Techniques include:

  • Mobilisation of the soft tissues around the spine and joints
  • Deep tissue massage to break down ‘knots’ (adhesions) and scar tissue
  • Trigger pointing
  • Bespoke assisted and passive stretches
  • Posture assessment – achieving a ‘neutral/aligned spine’ and optimum posture can help prevent irregular wear and tear of the joints…
  • Ability appropriate stretches and exercises for you to carry out at home

Sports massage and other remedial massage techniques can help treat a wide variety of problems including;

  • Back problems
  • Sacro-iliac irritation (lower back and hip girdle area sensation) and ‘sciatica’ type sensations in the legs
  • Strained/pulled muscles
  • Post surgery muscular and scar recovery
  • Restricted range of movement in any joint
  • Ligament sprain
  • Headaches
  • Plantar fasciitis