Rider Repair

If you have aches and pains or lack of symmetry related to horse riding, you may benefit from being assessed and treated.

I have 16 years experience treating sports people, horse riders and jockeys, and as an ex-horse rider, know the unique demands the activity places on the body.



Rider-Repair Soft Tissue Therapy, specially adapted for horse riders, can help with:


Back problems and muscle spasms (including the weight-bearing Sacro-iliac joint)

Rotated pelvis

Irritating forward head carriage which seems stubborn and difficult to unravel.

Bodily asymmetry affecting riding position, seat-bone weight distribution… (and the balance of your horse.)

Neck and shoulder discomfort

Overuse/RSI from office work – which then translates to your riding position!



Ridden assessments take place at your menage where I can assess rider straightness, your head carriage, spinal position and chronic pain issues.

After assessment, riders report feeling lighter, more balanced, straighter and with an improved knowledge of how to use their core correctly. You will be given daily and pre-schooling stretches after your assessment. However, where a tight/injured muscle group is imparing performance, seat bone weight distribution or causing discomfort, a soft tissue treatment may be recommended.