Personal Fitness Training & ‘B.I.P.S.S.’

NEW….. BIPSS : Bone density; Intervals; Posture; Self massage; Stretch…. one-to-one therapy sessions in and around Cowbridge. Socially distanced help to counterbalance all those hours hunched over your laptop…

Posted by Gina Groom on Thursday, 11 June 2020


‘BIPSS’ is an ideal way to experience a bespoke socially distanced fitness session, with therapeutic advice if needed on an injury or weakness.

Improved bone density, gentle intervals to push you yet stay appropriate to your level, spinal alignment for great posture and core, self-massage techniques to improve muscle condition and reduce pain, and useful stretches that are unique to individual needs.


Counteract the neck ache and forward head position developed during increased lockdown laptop use!

Enjoy the expertise of an SMA registered soft tissue therapist.

Regain your fitness and enthusiasm for exercise.


Sessions in and around the Cowbridge area. Phone or use contact form for an informal chat.


‘I found working outside very relaxing. We were able to discuss my problem and Gina explained what my injury was and how to self massage the area. Being outside gave us more space than a treatment room and it was easier to copy the exercises she showed me.’ L.E., Retail worker, Vale of Glamorgan