Don’t assume you are stuck with a joint problem for ever!

Over the past  few years it has been a pleasure to work with a number of patients in the ‘over 60’s’ category who thought they were stuck with a long term back or joint problem. They were delighted to discover that  soft tissue therapy, mobilisation and light stretches around the painful area  improved their range of movement, allowing a new lease of life… and added a zing to their retirement years!

One patient had chronic back pain, and as a result put on a lot of weight. It proved quite easy to relieve the muscle spasms causing the pain, resulting in huge smiles and even a few dance steps! She now enjoys walking her dog again and is losing weight and is thrilled to be pain free after more than five years.

Another patient suffers from painful joints and muscle ache partly due to being hyper-mobile in her ligaments. Regular treatments means she is now much more agile, getting stuck into new sports and hobbies and says she feels ten years younger.

One gentleman in his seventies, who being excellent at DIY had overdone things a bit, lost all use of his shoulder due to muscle fibre tears, trigger points and muscle spasms. In just two treatments he was amazed to have almost full movement back in his arm, meaning he could help his daughter with her house extension and enjoy dancing with his wife on their annual cruise!

Please don’t assume that joint pain (or back pain) is for ever. If you, or a loved one over 50 struggles with aches and pains, it can be worth having an assessment, in consultation with your GP, as often there is much that can be done to improve the situation.

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