• Suffering with foot and heel pain?

      If you are suffering with pain under the foot or around the heel, it could be Plantar Fasciitis. The ‘plantar fascia’ is a band of tissue supporting the base of the foot and acting as a springy shock absorber. It runs from the pads under your toes to the heel bone. Overuse, certain types Continue reading »

  • More than just a ‘massage’….

    Explaining the many techniques of Soft Tissue Therapy   Grab yourself a cuppa, and your reading glasses…. this blog may take a while 😉 Sports massage is an increasingly searched for and known about treatment, not just for sports people, but for just about anyone with any level of activity. Also known as ‘soft tissue Continue reading »

  • How simply breathing can help your lymphatic system

    The lymphatic system is central to our immune health. It both transports white blood (immune) cells and anti-bodies around the body and clears away cellular waste products and excess fluids. This amazing network of vessels, ducts and nodes, unlike the blood circulatory system, has no heart or pump to keep it flowing and working. So Continue reading »

  • How can I see a sports massage therapist during lockdown?

      Many soft tissue therapists/sports massage therapists are now offering video based consultations. A thorough history can still be conducted remotely and an assessment made. You will also be given stretches, exercises, rest patterns or self massage techniques which can help you through until lockdown is eased. Most are working at a reduced fee, making Continue reading »

  • Video sessions for MSK therapy

    COVID UPDATE Video-sessions are proving popular and helpful for people with neck ache, back pain, joint problems, pulled muscles from gardening, post-surgery support (when follow ups have been put on hold), niggling tendonitis and poor posture from using devices and home-working. I can check for red flags, take a history, help make an assessment of Continue reading »

  • SMA defines the benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy

    About Soft Tissue Therapy   Soft Tissue Therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is applicable not just to sports people but to anybody wishing to guard against or recover from a soft tissue injury. The techniques used by soft tissue therapists have Continue reading »

  • Local support for Cowbridge needed please

    I will be running the ‘Rabbit Run’ as part of the Merthyr Mawr trail running festival in July to raise money for new Christmas lights in Cowbridge. I hope I make it over the ‘Big Dipper’ sandune, through the river and mud, and across the forest trails! Our lovely market town is several thousand pounds Continue reading »

  • Any woman can benefit from this post-natal MOT

    After giving birth it’s wise to invest in a pelvic floor and abdominal check by a women’s health physiotherapist. Fortunately we have a specialist right here in South Wales. Whether is was six weeks or six years ago that you had your babies, take a look at Gillian McCabe’s bespoke services in women’s health. http://www.gillianmccabe.co.uk/mummy-mot/4593019238

  • Don’t assume you are stuck with a joint problem for ever!

    Over the past  few years it has been a pleasure to work with a number of patients in the ‘over 60’s’ category who thought they were stuck with a long term back or joint problem. They were delighted to discover that  soft tissue therapy, mobilisation and light stretches around the painful area  improved their range Continue reading »

  • How back extensions help your posture

    Why not book an appointment to find out how opening up the shoulder girdle, back extensions, neutral spine position and good core strength can improve your posture. Feel taller, alleviate back pain, work towards a body shape you feel comfortable with. Talk to Gina Groom on 07968 247823